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Trans-Pacific Import Freight Cost Savings with 53 ‘Containers

Intermodal Containers in YardA rising tide in Trans-Pacific ocean freight rates is the expectation analysts see over the long-term.

With rising rates in mind, CSX crew Freight & Logistics developed a solution for BCO’s and NVO’s to tap into the empty 53 ‘domestic containers produced in China and destined for the class I railroad door-to-door divisions.

The 53 ‘containers bring capacity through a unique avenue that captures cost savings by providing 53’ capacity containers that would otherwise be empty. This give both BCO’s and NVO’s the opportunity to obtain highly competitive door-to-door rates, while the manufacturing company gains revenue on the container that would otherwise be 100% cost to them making for truly a win-win for all parties involved.

53 ‘Containers Advantages for Imports

  • competitive advantage utilizing 53 'containers for importsLower Total Cost per Cubic Meter

    • 53 ‘container = 113cubi meter, 50% more capacity than 40’HQ ISO container
      • In addition to the space gained, there is savings on terminal handling, documentation and entry filling
  • Speed

    • The 53 ‘boxes are loaded on the top layer of the steamship, thus unloaded first.
      • Dedicated bay on steamship lines, scheduled weekly services.
    • No need to transload at the port, which is done roughly 35% to 40% of the time for ISO containers, eliminating a step in the supply chain making for quicker transit to the final destination.
    • Fast transit from China port to anywhere in North America using intermodal service.

  • Damage

    • Brand new containers.
    • No additional touches from a transload.
  • Box Ownership Advantage

    • The boxes are owned by the container manufacturer, so if there would be another Hanjin situation these containers would not be captured in the bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Environment

    • Fewer boxes are moved, so less trucks on the roads.

Freight Characteristics to Use 53 ‘Import Containers

  • The 53 ‘container can hold 113 cubic meters.
  • Cargo weight cannot be greater than 18 ton.
  • The goods origin locations for the manufacturing of this product are better to be in Guangdong province, although any city in the southern and southeastern cities will work well.

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