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How does labor shortage affect shipping?

Labor shortages can affect the economy in various ways, including measurably affecting shipping times. Supply chain delays are a big story during a pandemic. And in the midst of an overall recovery of the economy, various industries face persistent labor shortages that have also been recognized. Transportation and logistics have not escaped this trend, making them the main culprit behind shipping delays.

Is there a shortage of manpower?

According to various indicators, there is a shortage of skilled labor in the United States and elsewhere. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the job vacancy rate is as high as ever, which means it takes longer for employers to fill jobs. The dropout rate is also the peak – the number of people who voluntarily leave their jobs. What’s more, NFIB survey shows that about half of the small businesses in the US report vacancies that cannot be filled. Overall, the US economy is still about 5 million job-filled jobs short of pre-pandemic levels.

When it comes to logistics, supply chain jobs face similar challenges. The highest profile among them is the lack of truck drivers – more on that below – but other key positions are also unfilled. In different ports, there is a shortage of workers to unload goods from ships – including crane operators, top handlers and transgender drivers to move cargo over short distances. AND no warehouse worker also seems to go on.

Are truck drivers missing?

Evidence from various sources indicates that truck drivers are lacking, although the matter is perhaps more complex. The American Trucking Association says the current shortage of thousands of drivers will only increase. However, another explanation is that it is not a lack of skilled drivers, but problems with wages and working conditions that are causing the shortage. Regardless of the explanationthis issue is in preparation even before the pandemic. And it doesn’t seem to go away.

How does a lack of manpower affect logistics?

Lack of manpower in one of the many occupations can have a big impact on logistics. The effects grow exponentially when the scarcity is in many key roles. Port delays due to labor shortages and other factors – i more other factors – affect shipping times for a wide range of products – because freight is delayed before it even reaches US territory. Truck drivers shortage – that is, the fact that active drivers are not fully used – then lead to delays in the delivery of these cargoes from the ports to their destinations. Though intermodal transport may be a partial solution. And when it comes to the supply chain, shortages in factories and other cells also have a tangible impact.

Overcoming labor shortages, equipment shortages and other logistical problems is a challenge. And that’s a challenge that an external logistics service provider (3PL) can help. If your business is having shipping issues anywhere in the supply chain, Let us knowand we’ll see if we can use our freight and logistics expertise and contacts to help.

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