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Definition of LTL Volume Shipment Rate Quotes

Definition of Volume Shipment Rates

LTL volume freight quotesVolume shipping quotes are used for LTL shipments that fall outside the normal less-than-truckload parameters, yet shipment is not large enough for a full truckload.

Volume LTL rate quotes require one of the following conditions to be met:

  • Minimum of 5,000 pounds.
  • Greater than or equal to 6 pallets.
  • Takes up to 12 to 32 linear feet of trailer space.

It is very important to put the quote number on the bill of lading (BOL) to ensure the correct charges come through at the time of billing otherwise expect challenges in the freight audit and pay process.

Volume shipment rates are spot market rates quoted at the time of shipment.

Volume quotes are not a replacement for standard LTL, but an additional option for shippers with what we like to call “tweener freight”.

Shippers’ needing additional accessorial requirements for their freight may be disqualified to utilize LTL volume quotes with some LTL providers, so be aware of this situation before booking. Examples of accessorials would be liftgate, inside delivery, etc.

Benefits of Using Volume Shipment Quotes

  • ltl volume freight quoteOften cheaper than other options for freight that falls between an LTL and FTL shipment.
  • Freight often moves from dock-to-dock, therefore reducing the possibility of damage or loss.
  • LTL carriers tend to price volume quotes aggressively.
  • Does not require an NMFC freight class, since pricing on volume of space used in the LTL trailer.
    • Often a benefit for shippers with commodities falling into the higher class NMFC LTL codes.

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