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A Freight and Logistics Christmas Poem

The holiday season is in full swing, for Christmas shoppers and – for our purposes – those involved in freight and logistics. As hectic as this time of year can be – especially this year – it’s important to step back and smell the roses (or evergreens – if you can get your hands on one). That’s why we’re sharing a special twist on a holiday classic. Feel free to make it a new tradition at your holiday gatherings. Enjoy our freight and logistics Christmas poem …

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (Shopping’s Final Day)

‘Twas the night before Christmas shopping’s final day,

When the store’s holiday gifts had flittered away.

The manager was worried;

The shipper / receiver hurried

To find out if delivery of more Christmas stock

Could make it in time for the shoppers to flock

Up through the aisles,

Full of anxious smiles;

Looking for those last-minute goods

To keep themselves out of the woods.

But what would they do

If nary a hat or a shoe

Was left on the shelves

How could they help themselves?

The receiver checked in on the freight

To see if it could still make the date.

Up on the computer popped the cloud TMS,

A few clicks then he’d see if the load’s in distress.

Then their logistics provider he got on the phone,

He’d ask if the load could reach the endzone.

The provider replied,

As she could be relied

Upon not only to check

But to adjust the trek

To make a delivery on time

Within any reason or rhyme.

Now railroad, now truckload, now LTL,

On intermodal, on drayage, to ring the delivery bell.

To the ramp from the railway;

Navigating the highway.

The truck through logistics connections deployed

With container atop to fill the store’s void.

The teamwork of many carried the freight,

As the driver pulled through the delivery gate.

From plan to conditions a need to adapt

By logistics provider and carrier mapped;

A solution to keep Christmas dreams still alive,

Allowing much desired freight to arrive.

The shipper / receiver, the manager delighted;

With the load that had just come through expedited.

Signing off on delivery,

In temperatures shivery.

Lumpers sprang to attention

And by their extension,

The load was unloaded,

Container at ready to be re-roaded.

As store workers began restocking the shelves,

Much like an assemblage of Santa’s elves.

Shoppers would gather by the door the next morning

Providing the workers scant few hours warning.

The shipper / receiver could breathe a great sigh,

As a busy day of shopping would soon be nigh.

The dray driver hopped back into his truck’s warmed up cab.

After long hours work, gave his brow a light dab.

And he was heard to exclaim, ere he drove out of sight—

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

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