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CSX railroad workers keep America moving safely, efficiently and reliably. We thank all CSX employees for their dedication at this critical time to ensure that our nation’s supply chain remains strong.

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CSX is the leading provider of rail freight transportation in North America. But CSX is more than you can imagine. Learn all about CSX and see what we do for our customers, the environment and society.

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Maintain 100% compliance with safety and operating rules 100% of the time to protect our employees, our customers’ freight, and the communities in which we operate.

Improve Customer Service

Do what we say we're going to do. Get to know your customer and understand how you can add value. Communicate proactively at all times, including when we can't deliver.

Industrial Chemicals

Freight railroads play an integral role in safely and efficiently transporting agricultural fertilizer to farmers in the Midwest, plastic resins to automobile manufacturers, caustic soda to pulp and paper producers, and countless other chemical products to brokers and end users.

Petroleum & Gas Energy by Rail

Today, railroads safely and efficiently transport a commodity that helps power America’s economy with more than 99.99% of hazmat moved by railreaching its destination without a release caused by a train accident.

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CSX provides services to many industries such as automotive, coal, chemicals, fertilizers, intermodal mineral shipping, agriculture, metals and more. It provides safe and timely delivery to customers, door-to-door services, safety, reliability, environmentally friendly services, equipment and more.

Train Velocity

16,7 MHP

CSX measures train speed by dividing total mileage by total travel time (hours) for a given train ID. The total travel time includes intermediate stops.

Terminal Dwell

10,8 HRS

The dwell time per vehicle is the total time, in hours, that a vehicle has spent at the terminal. The total dwell time is calculated by dividing the total number of hours the vehicles spent at the terminals by the total number of times the vehicles were stopped (excluding breakdown vehicles, repair vehicles, and vehicles in storage).

Cars Online


Online wagons count the number of active rail freight cars on CSX-operated lines, as defined by Raillnc, excluding cars in repair, in storage, sold, or private cars held by a customer for more than one day.

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Intermodal Weight – The Most Common Issue for Shippers

Intermodal Weight – The Most Common Issue for Shippers

While there are a number of issues shippers need to be aware of when shipping intermodal versus truckload, the most common issue for shippers transitioning their freight from truckload to intermodal is loading the container to be legally compliant with gross weight and the distribution of weight across the vehicle.

Shipping Steel Via Intermodal

One question that continues to be asked by shippers is … “can we ship steel via an intermodal service.”

How to Ship Intermodal Without Damage

How to Ship Intermodal Without Damage

This blog is written to dispel the belief that shipping via intermodal translates to more damage claims. What we typically find when we run across this belief is the shipper was told intermodal is “just like truckload” instead of being told intermodal is similar to truckload.